I have no idea who I just drew.

Seriously, I was thinking Zyra, then my insides told me, “Nah man, that’s Anivia.” Then my mind told my insides, “You be trippin’, Anivia be a BIRD” Then my duodenum decided to jump in and he said “Itsu definiturri Anivia.” Then my left cornea said it looked like a cross between Anivia and some human chick.

I really, really don’t know who this is. Someone please help me, it’s driving me nuts ;A;

  1. summonerjolan said: human anivia
  2. asktheoak said: ((Quite possible it could be Fem!Skarner
  3. askthewilloftheblades said: YOU SAID DUODENUM I’M CRYING
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    Whatever it is it looks great. ;o
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